unexpected behavior 'on mouseup'

Jim Ault JimAultWins at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 22:39:01 EST 2006

On 11/28/06 7:01 PM, "John Vokey" <vokey at uleth.ca> wrote:
> The button *does* pass mouseUp because it contains *no script* at
> all!  The on mouseUp handler is added for your convenience, but if
> you don't edit the script in anyway, it is deleted when the editor
> window is closed

You are correct, but how would I have a way of knowing that?
Every time I open the script editor, it will show the default mouseup
handler and the apply button is dim?

I did try "put the script of button 1" in the message box to confirm that
the script is empty.  It is like closing the refrigerator door with the
light on.....

Jim  Ault
Las Vegas

> Jim wrote:
>> Do four simple steps:
>> [1] Make a new mainstack
>> [2] set the card script to
>> on mouseUp
>>    put the long id of the target && the seconds
>> end mouseUp
>> [3] Make a new button
>> [4] Choose Browse mode
>> ---
>> Why does the card script run when clicking the button that contains
>> the
>> script:
>> on mouseUp
>> end mouseUp
>> It is as if the button has 'pass mouseUp' implied.
>> Now add any character to the button script, such as a space, click
>> apply,
>> and no message is passed (but the script is the same)
>> Not a show-stopper, but fooled me when using a transparent button
>> to block
>> mouse clicks.  Perhaps this is already bugzilla'd, or is expected
>> behavior.
>> Jim Ault
>> Las Vegas

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