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>     First: Make your buttons. Since you're doing nonstandard stuff with the
> hilites, you'll have to make sure that autoHilite is turned off for *all* of
> them. You'll also want to make sure each button has a unique name -- no
> duplicate names here, thanks.
>     Second: Group all of your buttons.
>     Third: Make sure that each button in the group has a mouseUp handler.
> Make sure that each button's mouseUp handler includes the line "RadioLite (the
> short name of me)"
>     Fourth: Put this handler into the script of the group that contains all
> your buttons:
> on RadioLite (TheClickedButton)
>    repeat with K1 = 1 to the number of buttons in me
>      set the hilite of button K1 to (the short name of button K1 =
> TheClickedButton)
>    end repeat
> end RadioLite

You can also do it without putting any code in the buttons (or just a
double-hyphen comment to make sure there's no mouseUp handlers in there),
and add this to the group script:

on mouseUp
  repeat with K1 = 1 to the number of buttons of me
    set the hilite of btn K1 to (the short name of btn K1 = the short name
of the target)
  end repeat
end mouseUp

But either way, you get the idea...

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