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> How do I group some square style buttons so that only one can be hilited at 
> a
> time?
>     This sounds, to me, like you want to have a bunch of square thingies that 
*behave* like radiobutton-type buttons, even tho they don't have that funky 
filled/unfilled circle off to the left. Presuming I'm right about what you 
want, one solution that might serve your needs might be like so:

    First: Make your buttons. Since you're doing nonstandard stuff with the 
hilites, you'll have to make sure that autoHilite is turned off for *all* of 
them. You'll also want to make sure each button has a unique name -- no 
duplicate names here, thanks.
    Second: Group all of your buttons.
    Third: Make sure that each button in the group has a mouseUp handler. 
Make sure that each button's mouseUp handler includes the line "RadioLite (the 
short name of me)"
    Fourth: Put this handler into the script of the group that contains all 
your buttons:

on RadioLite (TheClickedButton)
   repeat with K1 = 1 to the number of buttons in me
     set the hilite of button K1 to (the short name of button K1 = 
   end repeat
end RadioLite

    Note that I haven't actually tested this code. I *think* the "number of 
buttons in me" bit should work, since the "me" refers to the object that has 
the script -- which is, in this case, the group that contains your buttons. The 
"set the hilite" line, however, will work and is the key to the whole thing. 
The hilite is a Boolean value, i.e., it's either "true" or "false"; this means 
you can set a button's hilite to anything, as long as that thing *is* a 
Boolean value. Thus, since TheClickedButton is the short name of the button that was 
actually clicked on, "the short name of button K1 = TheClickedButton" will be 
"false" for every button that's *not* the button that was clicked on, right? 
Thus, all not-clicked-on buttons will be unhilited.
    Even if I've messed up, tho, I believe this solution should at least 
point the way to a viable solution for you.

It's furry. It's the *good* stuff.

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