[ANN] New PenTool Script

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 15:17:55 EST 2006

on Fri Nov 24 01:25:35
Bill Marriott wrote:

> Hey this is pretty brilliant... 


> There's some usability issues compared 
> to the way I'm accustomed to working in Illustrator
> - I'm used to clicking and dragging to set an 
> anchor point and its direction vectors

This is a bit difficult.

> I'm used to pressing the Backspace key to undo 
> the last point I drew, while remaining in edit mode

Yes, i think that this is possible

> I'm used to being able to select the path
> and pressing Delete to remove it from the canvas

Ah, but you could do this with the browse tool,
not with the direct selection tool. Sure, this
could be added without problems, using a backspace

> Can't seem to be able to move the whole object 
> by clicking in its interior and dragging

The graphics created are without fill.
Only when you close the graphic it become filled.

> Still, very impressive. Do you plan to be able 
> to import SVG? :)

Richard Gaskin already posted a library named
mc2svg that export vector graphics to svg,
but i'll see if i could adapt it to export
these bezier graphics.

Have a nice day!


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