Deleting lines in a scrolling list box?

Ken Ray kray at
Tue Nov 28 12:53:49 EST 2006

On 11/28/06 4:55 AM, "Scott Kane" <scott at> wrote:

> Hi Mark,
>> No global variables needed and only one button with one mouseUp handler:
>> on mouseUp
>>   if the hilitedLine of fld 1 is not empty then
>>     delete line (the hilitedLine of fld 1) of fld 1
>>   else
>>     beep
>>   end if
>> end mouseUp
>> (Replace "fld 1" with a reference to your field).
> Absolutely excellent!!  Thanks a heap.  I knew it'd be so simple I'd kick
> myself *again*. <g>    I might actually get the hang of it soon.  ;-)

Note - make sure the 'multipleHilites' for the field is FALSE (meaning the
user can only select one line in the list), otherwse the script above will
fail. For a more "universal" script, that works with both single and
multiple selections, try this:

 on mouseUp
  if the hilitedLines of fld 1 is not empty then
    put the hilitedLines of fld 1 into tHLines
    put the number of items of tHLines into tNum
    repeat with x = tNum down to 1
      delete line (item x of tHLines) of fld 1
    end repeat
   end if
 end mouseUp

Have fun!

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