Saving list contents on different cards

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Tue Nov 28 02:01:50 EST 2006

i Scott,

Just uncheck the "Share Text" box in the field "Basic Properties"  
property pane.
As I said recently:

> I agree: as fields, buttons should have a "sharedText" property.

When the sharedText properyy of a field is set to false, each card  
displaying this field (grouped with behavior's group set to true)  
shows a different text.
Use it for specific contents.
When the sharedText properyy of a field is set to true, the same text  
is displayed on all cards.
Use it for repeated labels, titles, etc.

Good luck!

Le 28 nov. 06 à 07:37, Scott Kane a écrit :

> It's my week for the newbie questions.  ;-)
> I have some scrolling list fields on cards - set to groups with  
> background settings.  Each card *should* have a different list.   
> Now I tried creating a custom property and popping the list into  
> the custom property (custom property of a card I should add)  
> however I can only seem to get the first line in.  I've looked at  
> the doc's and can't seem to get a way to do this. I suppose I could  
> transfer the contents to an invisibe field and then transfer the  
> contents back again when the card is shown, but there has to be a  
> better way.
> Thanks in advance
> Scott

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
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