Stupid Programming Challenge

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Tue Nov 28 01:51:33 EST 2006

On Nov 27, 2006, at 9:55 PM, Jan Sælid wrote:

>> Trevor DeVore wrote:
>> ON initScrollbar
>>     set the thumbposition of sb "scroller" to 0
>>     set thumbsize of sb "scroller" to 100 * (height of group
>> "master" / formattedheight of group "master")
>>     put formattedheight of group "master" - the height of grp
>> "master" into theEndValue
>>     IF theEndValue > 0 THEN add the thumbsize of sb "scroller" to
>> theEndValue
>>     ELSE put 0 into theEndValue
>>     set endvalue of sb "scroller" to theEndValue
>> END initScrollbar
> It seems that this solution creates the correct thumbsize. The  
> other makes
> it smaller than it needs to be.

I think it is actually opposite.  Tereza's code seems to make the  
thumbsize larger than the code I posted above and seems to be the  
right solution.

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