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John Vokey vokey at uleth.ca
Tue Nov 28 01:03:48 EST 2006

   One of my students got caught by the following in her stack:

   At the top of the card script, she declared some variables local  
to the scripts of that card, as we always we do.  For one of these  
variables, she did not initialise it in any way.  However, the use of  
that variable is always done with ``put tab and someData after  
thelocalvariable''.  No problem on first use, but the stack always  
returns to the first cd of the stack to run the next subject, and  
when it gets back to this cd, the local variable still exists (as if  
it were a global), so the ``tab & someData'' gets added to the end of  
the data from the previous run.  No big deal, as we can just clear  
the variable in the opencard handler, but it is surprising, as local  
variables are not supposed to be persistent, at least to my knowledge.

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-Dr. John R. Vokey

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