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> Jan-
> Sunday, November 26, 2006, 12:21:45 PM, you wrote:
> > than ever. In spite of projects like Eclipse and
> > NetBeans, there's still no IDE that makes it as
> easy
> > to develop applications with a rich UI the way
> Visual
> > Studio can. 
> True, but have you seen the Jvider plugin for
> Eclipse?
> ...and then there's the RADRails plugin
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> -Mark Wieder

Thanks for the link to JVider - I'll look into that.
I've also used Jigloo in the past, but no matter the
tool, unless you use an absoluteLayout it takes quite
some time to get your elements to display right where
you want them on the screen.
The different layout managers offered by Java either
out of the box or from third parties, are very
powerful indeed, but not the easiest to use when you
just want to build a user interface in 5 minutes, the
way you can slap buttons and fields onto a window like
you can with Visual Studio or Revolution.
NetBeans offers a pretty interesting GroupLayout
system that allows you to link together items that
need to be in certain positions related to the edge of
the screen or to one another. They call this 'Free
design' mode - which shows dotted lines and takes cues
from Apple's Interface Builder to keep items at a
reasonable distance from another (8 pixels between a
textfield and its label, for instance) Neat stuff...
I'm pretty well-versed in Java, but I groan every time
I have to design a user interface for that
well-working business model. In Rev I can design a
decent-looking interface in no time - if Rev had
classes for the business model, I'd be in heaven.

Jan Schenkel.

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