Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Mon Nov 27 14:36:23 EST 2006

Hi Shari,

If you really *really* need it to be as you describe below, you can always fake 
it with images.

- set the lookAndFeel to Motif

- use 'import snapshot' to make images of your target button in all the required 
states - enabled, disabled, hilited, etc.

- set the lookAndFeel back to whatever it was at first.

- make the button itself transparent and use your new images as its various 
state icons.

It's a little clunky but it works, for 'pushbutton' buttons at least.

Phil Davis

Shari wrote:
> Is it possible to set the lookAndFeel of a single object to something 
> different than the preference setting?
> In other words, if you wanted a stack to have the lookAndFeel of the 
> native OS, but one button to have the lookAndFeel to "Motif", can it be 
> done?
> set the lookAndFeel of btn "testButton" of cd 1 of stack "Uno" to "Motif"
> The above failed.  I am assuming it isn't possible, but there's always 
> the hope :-D
> Shari

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