Copying many cds to a stack causes standalone to hang

simplsol at simplsol at
Mon Nov 27 11:21:41 EST 2006

I don't know if this has been mentioned:
Rev opens, manipulates, and saves stacks with a lot of cards slowly.
We were updating one large stack that seemed to hang each time. It was 
a stack imported from HyperCard where the same update took about half 
an hour. The update consisted of pulling data from the old stack, card 
by card and field by field, and putting it into a new stack, card by 
card and field by field. Fortunately we were able to just let the 
update run overnight on a surplus computer. In Rev the update worked, 
it just took over 20 hours. Until it we were able to let it finish we 
always figured Rev had simply hung.
Storing you data in a database with a single card front end, already 
suggested by others, will give you much more speed than storing it as 
cards in a stack.

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