How to master one table field' limits

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Mon Nov 27 06:02:22 EST 2006

Le 27 nov. 06 à 09:38, Eric Chatonet a écrit :

> Bonjour André,
> Le 26 nov. 06 à 17:42, André.Bisseret a écrit :
>> I got another problem with my table fields : I am trying to master  
>> the table limits in them. I set xLimit (2) and yLimit (10) and  
>> tried to use the rawKeyDown handler from your tutorial.
>> Seems it does not work for me : I mean, the conditon <if "revCell"  
>> is in the target> seems to be not true in my table field ;
> Can't happen if there is no cell currently in editing mode.
> At the top of your rawKeyDown handler, just add "put the target" to  
> check this.
>> If I state after it, "beep 4" : beep does not occur ;
>> If I state <put "revCell" is in the target>, nothing appears in  
>> the message box.
> Anyway, you should get true or false in the message box:
> Seems that the rawKeyDown message is not sent?
> Where is the focus?
> Where is your rawKeyDown handler placed ?
> Difficult to tell you more without details...
Bonjour Éric,
  The  rawKeyDown handler was in the field'script; now, I put it in  
the card' script and all is working well :-))
I must confess that I don't understand precisely why it does not work  
if it is in the fld'script.
Thanks a lot for your help.

The only issue that is holding with these table fields is that their  
hight and width must be widely larger than it would be necessary  
given the fixed number of columns and rows; otherwise the fixed  
limits are not respected !?!

But this clearly does not  come from scripting ; seems it'is inherent  
to the current ("rough draft") state of the table field!

By the way, what do you mean when you differentiate between "private  
handler" and "public handler", in your tutorial?

Have a nice day

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