How to master one table field' limits

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Mon Nov 27 03:38:49 EST 2006

Bonjour André,

Le 26 nov. 06 à 17:42, André.Bisseret a écrit :

> I got another problem with my table fields : I am trying to master  
> the table limits in them. I set xLimit (2) and yLimit (10) and  
> tried to use the rawKeyDown handler from your tutorial.
> Seems it does not work for me : I mean, the conditon <if "revCell"  
> is in the target> seems to be not true in my table field ;

Can't happen if there is no cell currently in editing mode.
At the top of your rawKeyDown handler, just add "put the target" to  
check this.

> If I state after it, "beep 4" : beep does not occur ;
> If I state <put "revCell" is in the target>, nothing appears in the  
> message box.

Anyway, you should get true or false in the message box:
Seems that the rawKeyDown message is not sent?
Where is the focus?
Where is your rawKeyDown handler placed ?
Difficult to tell you more without details...

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
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