stack vs. exe behavior in altSplash deployment

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Nov 26 21:53:37 EST 2006

Hi Bill,

altSplash is an unsupported splash screen architecture I provide for
free. It works with the supported (and commercial) MagicCarpet, which
is version control for files and works as a plugin within Rev.

You can learn about altSplash at:

and MagicCarpet at:

There is a much more advanced version of altSplash with new
capabilities, but I don't have it fully documented yet. I'll hopefully
get around to it soon and create a video tutorial on how to use it.

BTW, Altuit currently uses altSplash to update and manage delivered
code in virtually all of our projects. I imagine we've got 20 or 30
versions of it here at Altuit, and others, like Dan Shafer, use it as

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