[ANN] Galaxy 1.5 Birthday Special

Mikey mikeythek at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 15:39:28 EST 2006

> > Hmm..
> why are you so negative about this?
I'm confused.  Download doesn't seem to be what it claims to be.  I
don't understand how I'm being negative.

> >  Well, when I tried to download the Free tryout version, the only
> >thing that came down was what appears to be a Mac folder.
> Well, I guess that proves that the software isn't worthwhile in your eyes.
I'm not sure where this is coming from either, but I'm sorry for
whatever it was that I typed that caused you to react like this.

> To be fair, I don't know where you found the 'free download' link.
> For the trial you have to send an email to
> mailto:studio at daniels-mara.com
In Jerry's covert and evil subversive mesage there might be a hint
that might lead you on a terrible quest.  If you avoid tragedy you may
find a link that might just through some dark-side-of-the-force take
you to a place with cryptic symbols.  If you by some bizarre and
horrible set of circumstances you follow the button that says "Try
Now" then your failure will be complete.

Anyway, Stephen, I'm sorry for whatever it was that I typed that set
you off.  That was not my intent.

On the first day, God created the heavens and the Earth
On the second day, God created the oceans.
On the third day, God put the animals on hold for a few hours,
   and did a little diving.
And God said, "This is good."

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