Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sun Nov 26 13:55:20 EST 2006


Yesterday I had a need for a utility function that returns the text
between two HTML tags, so I cobbled this together, but it will work
for any text, not just tags. If you have, for example,

pText = "<a href='x.html'>click here<h3>This is a title</h3></a>"

you can call

put MatchWithin(pTtext, "<h3>", "</h3>")

and get "This is a title"

Any comments? Can it be made easier? Faster? Is there a better way to
do this?

FUNCTION MatchWithin pRawText, pStartText, pEndText
    local tReturn
    IF matchText(pRawText, "((?Uis)" & pStartText & "(.+)" & pEndText& ")", tReturn) THEN
        delete char -length(pEndText) to -1 of tReturn
        delete char 1 to length(pStartText) of tReturn
    END IF
    return tReturn
END MatchWithin

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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