Copying many cds to a stack causes standalone to hang

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Nov 26 13:06:29 EST 2006

Malte Brill wrote:

> Bill wrote:
>> That is a good catch; but shouldn't Rev throw an error message  
>> instead of locking up?
> ...Regarding error throwing: In standalone mode the execution
> halts regardless of the error, with no user feedback. I wouldn´t
> expect anything to be thrown, unless explicitly scripting it and
> throwing a custom error myself.

This may be another case where blurring the natural dividing lines 
inherent between the engine and the IDE have caused confusion:

When the engine encounters an execution error it can identify, it 
consistently throws an errorDialog message, regardless whether it's 
being used at the moment to drive the IDE or a standalone.  Same engine, 
same messaging.

The difference is that the developer must include some means of trapping 
the errorDialog message in their standalone if they want notification of 
runtime errors there.

Since the beginning both MetaCard and Rev have provided an execution 
error dialog as an option for inclusion in a standalone.  A developer 
may also choose to handle the errorDialog message themselves, using 
either an answer dialog (which must also be included) or a custom error 
reporting dialog (which I tend to use).

So while it's true that any errors explicitly thrown by the developer 
using the throw command will trigger the errorDialog message, all other 
execution errors which would normally be thrown in the IDE will also 
trigger the errorDialog message, as reliably in standalones as in the IDE.

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