Copying many cds to a stack causes standalone to hang

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Sun Nov 26 10:51:05 EST 2006

--- Steve Denney <steve.denney at> wrote:
> I'm writing a product catalog application (for
> windows).
> The standalone is a splashscreen.
> A .rev file contains the main body of the
> application.
> Product pages (cards) are copied to the main body on
> start up (so pages can
> be added, edited, deleted). Product pages are
> between 200 - 750 KB (text +
> pics).
> This worked fine until my client added many more
> product pages.
> Now the standalone hangs after 50 or so cds have
> been added.
> [snip]
>   Potentially the number of catalog pages could run
> into the 100's. I wanted
> them within the one open stack to speed up product
> searches and travel
> between pages. 
> Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in
> advance.
> Steve Denney
> Out There Solutions

Hi Steve,

When you copy a cared, you're bringing over not only
copies of all the controls, but also of all their
scripts. This can require a lot of resources beyond
the text and images.

Depending on the application, I would either :
- use groups with backgroundBehaviour and then use the
'create card' command to create new cards with these
shared elements on them, or
- completely separate the user interface from the data
storage, and reading the necessary data from another
stack when the user decides to look at another product

Of course this approach works best when the product
pages contain the same type of data and their layout
doesn't differ much between pages.

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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