Copying many cds to a stack causes standalone to hang

Steve Denney steve.denney at
Sat Nov 25 17:39:44 EST 2006

I'm writing a product catalog application (for windows).

The standalone is a splashscreen.

A .rev file contains the main body of the application.

Product pages (cards) are copied to the main body on start up (so pages can
be added, edited, deleted). Product pages are between 200 - 750 KB (text +

This worked fine until my client added many more product pages.

Now the standalone hangs after 50 or so cds have been added.

I just copy the cds, but here's the script (well most of it) to show exactly
how it's done... 


repeat for each line tCatalogPage in tFileNameStore

start using stack tCatalogPage

go cd 1 of stack tCatalogPage

setProdPgRez -- catalogPage stack script, matches cd appearence to screen
rez (just resizes & moves things around on the cd)

put the number of cds of stack mainBody into tLastCd

go cd tLastCd of stack mainBody

copy cd 1 of stack tCatalogPage to stack mainBody

close stack tCatalogPage -- destroyStack & purgeWindow

go cd 1 of stack splashScreen 

set lockMessages to false -- advance progress bar

set lockMessages to true

end repeat


  Potentially the number of catalog pages could run into the 100's. I wanted
them within the one open stack to speed up product searches and travel
between pages. 


Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Steve Denney

Out There Solutions

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