Slow response with many objects

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Sat Nov 25 04:58:35 EST 2006

Hi Jan,

Le 24 nov. 06 à 20:53, Jan Sælid a écrit :

> My app’s interface is not card based and has no pulldown menus. I’m  
> using a
> “at your fingertips”-approach to the gui. Much like the new office  
> 2007. I’m
> also aiming at a completely customized look and that means I have a  
> lot of
> groups. It seems now that the revolution ide is becoming slower.  
> When I’m
> using “Select grouped controls” and the pointer it takes a while  
> before the
> object is selected. Moving objects is also slow. Using properties  
> to nudge
> object in any direction has come to the point where e.g. the down  
> arrow
> stays down and the ide is locked up, with no other solution than to
> force-quit rev.
> Anyone have any experience with this? Is it the amount of groups  
> that slows
> down rev? Or is it the amount of images. I use customized icons,
> backgrounds, menubars etc. (nothing heavy.) Or is it the sum of it?

Yes, I have had problems as you report on a Mac G4 bi-pro/2Gb RAM:
500 nested groups created on the fly and many crashes when trying to  
nudge another single object or setting its position using the props  
palette entry boxes...
I finished the project using my fast PC laptop without any problem...

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
----------------------    eric.chatonet at

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