Me, me, me [Was: Re: Bug???? Discuss please!]

Dave dave at
Sat Nov 25 04:26:17 EST 2006


I really can't see how it's not a bug to be honest, I mean, if:

put "Hello" into me


set the text of me to "Hello"

doesn't work 100% of the time, then............

If you write a handler (subroutine) and if it works or not is  
dependent on where it's called from then it's really not a good state  
of affairs. The point about the documentation was that, if RunRev  
can't/won't fix it in a timely manner, then having a note in the docs  
is the next best thing. Would have saved me and others a good few  
days if it had of been. There are lots of gotcha's like this and  
although it would be nice to have them fixed, having some kind of  
pointer to where the problem may lie is the next best thing,  
especially when the only real form of support is this list and the  
person that "knows" about the problem may not read your post or be  
too busy to reply.

All the Best on a Wet and Dreary Morning!

On 24 Nov 2006, at 11:38, Mark Smith wrote:

> I think we decided that if it was not a bug, then the docs should  
> discuss it a bit more fully.
> Bugzilla no. 3419
> best,
> Mark
> On 24 Nov 2006, at 07:38, Bill Marriott wrote:
>> Hm... maybe not yet. Did y'all decide it was a bug or not? If so,  
>> what's the
>> bug ID#?
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