Slow response with many objects

Jan Sælid janselid at
Fri Nov 24 20:43:47 EST 2006

Hi Trevor,

>It shouldn't.  Have you tried running your project in a standalone as  
opposed to the IDE?  Does it run just as slow there?<

Yes, I have tried a standalone on a slow laptop. It works very well. It is
only when I'm using the pointer tool in the ide. E.G. if "Select grouped
controls" is on it takes some time for object A to become selected. But
object B becomes selected right away (with no obvious difference between the
two objects). The application is not slow, but the rev ide has become
sluggish. Sometimes it almost halts. First I suspected it maybe had
something to do with the autosave and autoarchive of galaxy, but this is not
the case, because that only happens when you compile a script in galaxy.

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