Slow response with many objects

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Fri Nov 24 19:49:27 EST 2006


I have never experiences that groups slow down the IDE. Probably, it  
is the mouseMove handlers. I'd first try commenting out those  
handlers to see if that helps. If it does, you might want to test for  
the active tool, browse or pointer, before running the script inside  
the mouseMove handler. Another candidate for sluggishness is the  
Geometry Manager, if you are using that.




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Op 25-nov-2006, om 1:41 heeft Jan Sælid het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Mark, thanks for the response!
>> If you have thousands of objects, I can very well imagine that
> Revolution gets very slow. I also believe that having thousands of
> objects probably indicates a need to re-think the strategy behind
> your user interface.<
> The card I'm working on has about 700 objects. I know this is too many
> before I clean the code and "distill" the interface. I work one  
> section at
> the time and when I've got something right I clean it up and make  
> it more
> efficient. But I also know that I have other "sections" ahead of  
> me, so the
> number: 700 should be somewhere near the final amount. If I could  
> at least
> keep it under 1000 under the development process, I don't think  
> this should
> be too much to handle for the engine.
>> However, if "many" only means a few dozens or even 200 or 300 objects
> and if your computer is reasonable fast, say >500 Mhz, you should not
> experience much lagging while editing these objects.<
> My machine is running at 2.6 ghz with 3gb of ram. So the machine is  
> not the
> problem I believe. I've tried to build the application and have run  
> it on an
> old laptop I have. The program is not slow. It works very good.  
> It's only
> when I edit the objects under rev.
>> Are you using any scripts that run when objects are resized, moved,
> or otherwise changed? Do you have any running handlers in the
> background or many pending messages? Are you using third-party
> libraries or plugins?<
> I have no "on idle" handler or no pending message sending. But I do  
> have a
> couple of mousemove handlers on some of the objects. I use galaxy  
> studio
> 1.5, all the tactile media plugins and chipp walters altplugin. I  
> don't
> think the plugins have anything to do with it because the lag  
> exists even
> without them. I suspect that it has something to do with the amount of
> groups and maybe groups inside groups. The lags of the ide is only  
> mildly
> irritating at this stage but it does slow down the workflow.
> I guess I'm asking about too many things at the same time... so let  
> me ask a
> simple question: Does groups slow down the ide, more than any other  
> objects?
> Sincerely and thanks
> Jan

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