Slow response with many objects

Jan Sælid janselid at
Fri Nov 24 14:53:58 EST 2006

My app’s interface is not card based and has no pulldown menus. I’m using a
“at your fingertips”-approach to the gui. Much like the new office 2007. I’m
also aiming at a completely customized look and that means I have a lot of
groups. It seems now that the revolution ide is becoming slower. When I’m
using “Select grouped controls” and the pointer it takes a while before the
object is selected. Moving objects is also slow. Using properties to nudge
object in any direction has come to the point where e.g. the down arrow
stays down and the ide is locked up, with no other solution than to
force-quit rev.


Anyone have any experience with this? Is it the amount of groups that slows
down rev? Or is it the amount of images. I use customized icons,
backgrounds, menubars etc. (nothing heavy.) Or is it the sum of it?

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