[ANN] New PenTool Script

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Fri Nov 24 02:25:35 EST 2006

Hey this is pretty brilliant... There's some usability issues compared to 
the way I'm accustomed to working in Illustrator:

- I'm used to clicking and dragging to set an anchor point and its direction 
- I'm used to pressing the Backspace key to undo the last point I drew, 
while remaining in edit mode
- I'm used to being able to select the path and pressing Delete to remove it 
from the canvas
- Can't seem to be able to move the whole object by clicking in its interior 
and dragging

Still, very impressive. Do you plan to be able to import SVG? :)

"Alejandro Tejada" <capellan2000 at yahoo.com> 
wrote in message 
news:20061114223947.57838.qmail at web36505.mail.mud.yahoo.com...
Hi All,

Download the Stack "New PenTool Script" from:

This new script for PenTool is closer to the
functionality of similar vector drawing tools in
drawing programs. The script is simpler,compared
with previous versions.
It works in all Linux versions i had tested and
Windows. Please report if this works in Mac OS X.

Use doubleclicking (sending a mousedoubleup message)
to stop drawing or editing the graphic. Use the
direct selection tool (white arrow) to edit vertex
and control points of new graphics created.

The script is in the card, enclosed in a switch
structure. Feel free to use as you like.
Just include an updated link to my website in
your software.  I´ll use this handler in the next
version of stack PenToolv0.3.2h and MaskBitmap03.

Please report if this works in Mac OS X.
Thanks in advance.


Visit my site:

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