Mikey mikeythek at
Thu Nov 23 22:26:50 EST 2006

Jacque, I appreciate the response.  Indeed opening/firing some other
window and coming back resets the revert and apply buttons to
disabled, and the script is editable.  Werid.  I'll have to poke
around in the script editor stack to find this one.

As a side note, it turns out this bug is detailed in 3375, which also
states that clicking elsewhere (e.g. the desktop) and back again seems
to reset the state of the script, so apparently the flag in the script
editor isn't set yet until the windows loses and regains the focus.
RevZilla is such a nice front-end to BugZilla.

What's weird about this is that it works when executed directly from a
button (which also explains why the menu functions work, but why I
can't send messages to the button or cause it to work as expected by
generating a handler.
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