Allow line breaks at a char other than 'space'

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Nov 23 18:59:14 EST 2006

On Nov 23, 2006, at 7:32 AM, Mark Powell wrote:

> In a field, I would like to allow line breaks to occur at a forward
> slash char in the same way as they occur at a space char. (I don't  
> want
> to *force* the line break...only to *allow* it if the right margin  
> is in
> play).  Is there any easy way to do this without having to calculate
> effective widths etc.

This is a little crazy.  Maybe you can replace the slashes with  
spaces that each have an imageSource (the same one) that looks like a  
slash.  I have never tried this.

Or you could put a space behind the slash and then use textStyle  
"condensed" so nobody can see it.  Oh, wait, condensed doesn't work.

There are probably some zero width spaces in Unicode and some word  
break advisories, but I have no idea whether the field would  
understand.  I think Latin 1 (the encoding used on Rev systems not  
Mac) has some sort of break advisory character, but my memory is fading.


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