Where Rev could be going...3D?

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Thu Nov 23 07:15:14 EST 2006


I might be wrong on this, but according to my experience, if you have
3 years to achieve your project, I would suggest considering writing your
own external to interface Rev with openGL...
Well, I haven't coded any external during the last couple of years and my
experience is based on the external API that was available in 2003 - 2004,
but I don't think the situation could have got worst during the last 3 years...
Things could only improve in the matter of building externals, and back
then, interfacing Rev with openGL (I mean transfering the final rendered
image buffer from openGL into a Rev image object) was quite straightforward.
Less than 10 lines of C was needed on each platform (AFAIR RGB colours
had to be tweaked on windows, but that was the only difficulty).

I'm suggesting this because I found that for a dedicated project,  a higher
degree of productivity and performance could be achieved by developping
custom code, than using a general purpose external...
Of course, the most important part of the coding will concern C and openGL
librairies, but that is just slightly more difficult than coding in xTalk, and
there are plenty of examples and tutorials and openGL forums all over the web...
Of course, some basic knowledge about pure 3D techniques are needed also...
Actually, the hardest part might be to configure a C compiler to produce

But instead of gambling for something to happen between Rev & iGame3D
and just wait, I'd chose the option to try to achieve something by myself
right now... you might even learn something new !


> JB,
> Well I agree... Still as far as I understand, the iGame3D can be used not
> just for games. My personal interest in 3D development of a scientific app
> for my phd project, which will need 3D support for terrain and bathymetry
> mapping and visualisation. I have less than 3 years to accomplish this thing
> and I have chosen Rev Studio for the GUI and some functions, just to avoid
> time consuming coding in C/C++ . Well I made my purchase in February this
> year, and from advertiser of Arcade engine on the Revolution web site I
> understood that 3D support is not a problem. But this was not the whole
> truth about 3D in Rev...

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