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Thu Nov 23 00:03:01 EST 2006

Mikey wrote:
> create a new stack and put it in the script of the stack.  go to the
> message box and type "s".
> Alternatively, just type "edit the script of this stack" into the
> message box, and the result will be the same.
> Or create a button with
> on mouseUp
>   edit the script of this stack
> end mouseUp
> and then send "mouseUp" to the button - doesn't work.  However,
> clicking on the button does work.
> By "doesn't work" I mean that although the script editor comes up, the
> script is not editable, but the "apply" and "revert" buttons are
> active, which is normally not the case when the script editor comes
> up.  The script in this mode doesn't show the cursor, and trying to
> click and type in the script editor produces unpredictable behavior.

Okay, more on this. I can reproduce the problem, but it is temporary. I 
was wrong when I said the script was uneditable and locked. What I have 
just noticed is that the script is not locked, but rather unfocused.

When you get the uneditable script editor, simply click over to the 
message box (or anywhere else) and then back into the editor and it will 
become editable again. So the problem isn't as bad as it seems; it looks 
like more of a cosmetic thing.

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