Where Rev could be going...3D?

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Wed Nov 22 17:08:15 EST 2006


> jbv wrote:
> > too bad all the time spent ranting on this list about
> > Rev missing features can't be used to code those
> > features instead...
> What changes would be needed to the externals API?

please remember I was using the externals API available
for MC 2.4 in 2003... AFAIR back then I found rather
cumbersome to use the standard external calls inside scripts
to control realtime 3D events... it worked for limited projects
I did for a couple of clients, but to achieve a more universal
interface between Rev and openGL, it was clear (at least to me)
that adding language primitives was a much powerful way to go...
for instance :
    set the 3Dperspective to ...
    3Drotate cube 5 by 45,0,0


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