Hidden Revolution on Mac

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Wed Nov 22 15:52:45 EST 2006

Hi Bruce,

This may be one of those instances when you could use
palette stack tbOpened
instead of
open stack tbOpened

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>On the Macintosh the user can hide all the windows of a program to avoid
>I have a Revolution palette that I want visible at all times. This is done
>by setting the systemWindow to true. Works fine.
>The palette has buttons to open stacks.
>When Revolution is hidden, the buttons have no visible effect.
>I want them to show the relevant stack.
>The following in the button will show **all** open Revolution windows:
> put "tell application" && quote & "Revolution" & quote & return into
> put "activate" & return after tApplescriptMsg
> put "end tell" & return after tApplescriptMsg
> do tApplescriptMsg as applescript
>But I can't figure out how to show just the one window whose button is clicked.
>I tried:
> set the systemwindow of stack tbOpened to true
> set the systemwindow of stack tbOpened to false
>But if Revolution is not hidden, the above creates two flashes, which are
>unacceptable. If Revolution is hidden, the above sometimes creates one
>flash, but always ends without the window visible.
>Anyone know how to show just one window.
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