Where Rev could be going...3D?

chris bohnert chris at altuit.com
Wed Nov 22 15:23:45 EST 2006


Clearly there is some level of "open"-ness.  If you check out Bill's post in
the forum he's done the development..he just needs someone to help with the
documenation/sample code and QA.  The iGame3d api is huge and needs some
dedicated individual to provide some elbow grease to make it happen in the


On 11/22/06, jbv <jbv.silences at club-internet.fr> wrote:
> Hi all,
> >
> > Is anything constructive going on between Revolution Ltd and iGame3D or
> just
> > silence?..
> >
> once again, this kind of discussion is a blatant demonstration of the kind
> of dead-end
> the Rev community  is "trapped" into (yes, I'm using these "strong" words
> on
> purpose) : waiting endlessly for things to happen in many domains...
> and once again, it's a plea for a (more or less) radical change in Rev, to
> a more open
> structure that allows independent coders to add functions and language
> elements to
> the engine... If that was the case, we would have had such sophisticated
> tools as
> antialiased vector graphics and 3D graphics (both can be handled by one
> single
> interface to openGL), pdf conversion, etc etc
> I for one was deep into interfacing Rev with openGL circa 2003-2004 and
> could
> have spent several weeks (or even months) on such a Rev enhancement...
> and I know I'm not the only one on this list...
> too bad all the time spent ranting on this list about Rev missing features
> can't be
> used to code those features instead...
> JB
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