Mikey mikeythek at
Wed Nov 22 14:35:43 EST 2006

> I wonder why you would send the edit command instead of just executing it?
See previous:  Because.  It.  Doesn't.  Work.

UPDATE:  I have been poking around in the IDE for a couple of days
trying to figure out why when RR's IDE stacks "edit..." it works, but
I can't get it to work.  Then today I tried putting the script in a
button, and it worked.

So, typing "edit the script of this stack" in the message box, or
having a handler

on s
   edit the script of this stack
end s

doesn't work.

send mouseDown to button x

where the script of button x is
on mouseup
   edit the script of this stack
end mouseup

does work.

I'm updating my bug reports even as we speak.
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