problem with transfert of data from one substack to another one

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Wed Nov 22 12:23:26 EST 2006


On a card, in a substack I have a field « duration » to be filled in  
with possible lenghts of time.
On the card of another substack named « theTools » I have a pop Up  
button (say « PossibleDurations ») with a list of menu items such as  
« one day »,… « three days »,…, « one week », …, « three weeks »,…, «  
one month », …, « three months »,…

In the first substack, the script of the field « duration » is  :

on mouseUp
   global gTheTarget,
   put the long name of me into gTheTarget
   open stack "theTools"
end mouseUp

In the substack « theTools », the script of the  button «  
possibleDurations » is :

on menuPick theItem
   global gtheTarget,
   put theItem – in msg
   put cr & gLaCible after msg
   put theItem into gTheTarget
end menuPick

In the message box, theItem and gLaCible are right

But the line « put theItem into gTheTarget » does works ; nothing  
happens, no error message.

Now I have spent a couple of hours trying to find why, I am  
completely lost :-((

Could somebody tell me what I am doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot for any help

Best regards from Grenoble

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