How to compress files on the fly

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Wed Nov 22 12:21:59 EST 2006

Hi gang,

I'm messing around with the compress() function.
My goal is to compress an .app package then upload it to an ftp server.
Right now the below code works on small files but seems to choke on a 
300mb file.

I have a few questions:
1. in order to compress a MacOSX 'package',do I have to devise a 
'walker' to identify and compress each file separately inside? yikes.

2. Will the compress function work like this between two files:
  put compress(URL  tPRE) into URL  tPOST   ?? I can get it to work 
for small files now...

3. Also after reviewing compress() I think I like the new zip 
routines better - the progress callbacks are well worth it fo big 

  But there's no revZipFolder command, which is really what I'm 
looking for. That would really complete the zip library...


  my code is like this:

ON tConvertTest3
into pSourceFile
          put  "/Users/sbarncar/Desktop/" into 
          sqbCompressFileToFile pSourceFile,pDestinationFile
END tConvertTest3

ON sqbCompressFileToFile pSourceFile,pDestinationFile
          put "binfile:" & pSourceFile into tPRE
          put "binfile:" & pDestinationFile into tPOST
          put compress(URL  tPRE) into URL  tPOST
END sqbCompressFileToFile

stephen barncard
s a n  f r a n c i s c o
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