Speech Recognition and or Applescript

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Nov 21 19:07:58 EST 2006

Joshua Snyder wrote:
> well,  that's close,  however, the runrev app gets a spinning beach ball 
> the entire time that it's listening.....

My memory is very rusty on this (it's been years) but isn't there some 
kind of "without waiting" parameter you can add that will return 
immediately? The OS puts up the spinning beachball whenever an app is 
inactive, so I'd suspect that Rev is waiting for a return value from the 
speech manager. If there is a way to specify in the applescript that you 
don't want to wait, then maybe the beachball will go away. On the other 
hand, the OS might stop listening too, but I guess you'd have to experiment.

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