Expandable/collapsible lists

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Nov 21 18:23:33 EST 2006

Mikey wrote:
> Jaque,
> The "List Behavior" property has several sub-properties that do not
> seem to be documented, either.

They are all listed in the "See Also" at the top of the entry. Click on 
those. The words are also hotlinked in the explanatory text, but you 
have to hover over them to see that. Is there something in particular 
you don't see in there?

> After getting into the Application Browser, I have discovered that
> this is going to be an ugly problem to address.

Oh yes, it ain't pretty. I've looked at several solutions over the last 
couple of years, and in most cases they were more than I wanted to mess 
with. Thus, my crippled but good-enough-for-what-I'm-doing private 
solution. You might want to look at the Altuit one, it feels a bit 
easier than some of the others to me.

We really need a native tree object. On the bright side, Runtime knows that.

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