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Hi Chris,

> Hi,
> I'm a Revolution user new to Valentina. I want to build and serve a
> Runrev app with Valentina as my db. I'll be serving it on our mac
> server to <5 people.

> I'm unsure as to what I need VDN, Valentina  Office ??

You need VDN Platform ($599).

You need VDN because you going develop APPLICATION
    and distribute it in many copies.

VDN for above price includes:

    Valentina for Revolution (mac+win)          $299
    Valentina Studio (mac or win)               $59
    Valentina Office Server/5 (mac one copy)    $299
    Valentina Office Server/5 (win one copy)    $299
    Additional 10 batch connections for resale  $200
    Valentina Embedded Server/5, (mac+win)      un-estimated
    royalty free   
    2 years of free upgrades on all above products

> I have Valentina 2 ADK.

Good, then you can upgrade to VDN at difference of price.

> I don't quite get how the client Runrev apps link to the RunRev/
> Valentia database.

You mean to Valentina Server ?

Actually Valentina for Revolution have such design, that you can right code
which is able work with both Local and Remote dbs without changes.

Any specific questions better ask on Valentina lists.

Best regards,

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