Alternating Lines in a listbox

Scott Kane scott at
Mon Nov 20 23:23:51 EST 2006

Hi Scott,

> With Rev 2.7 it's fairly easy.  Create an image that the two colors you 
> want
> stacked one above the other, with the height of each "bar" equal to the
> textheight of your list field.  Set the backPattern of your list field to
> the ID of the image and you should be good to go.
> Execute the following in your message box for an example:
>  go url ""
> You may need the fiddle with the bottom of the list a bit (margins, etc),
> but overall, the setup is way easier and more reliable than any workaround
> posted previously on the list.

I'm still on 2.6.1 though I have the current 2.7 beta.  Yes I know I need to 
upgrade - and I shall be doing so as I need dual binary support.  Your stack 
works great in the latest beta, but simply fails in 2.6.1 - even when saved 
as a legacy stack.  So I'm assuming the goodies are in the 2.7 + IDE.  Maybe 
I should wait until I get 2.7+

Thanks muchly though!!


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