Alternating Lines in a listbox

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Nov 20 22:31:54 EST 2006

Recently, Scott Kane wrote:

> I thought I'd ask if any solutions have been found to the
> alternating lines in a list box issue (the old "make it look like ITunes"
> dilemma).

With Rev 2.7 it's fairly easy.  Create an image that the two colors you want
stacked one above the other, with the height of each "bar" equal to the
textheight of your list field.  Set the backPattern of your list field to
the ID of the image and you should be good to go.

Execute the following in your message box for an example:
  go url ""

You may need the fiddle with the bottom of the list a bit (margins, etc),
but overall, the setup is way easier and more reliable than any workaround
posted previously on the list.


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