Application suspending after a window closes in 2.7.x

Mark Powell mark_powell at
Mon Nov 20 00:03:02 EST 2006

Hello Chipp:

I am seeing this a lot in both development (2.7.2) and production
environments.  And it  s e e m s  that it does not always involve
modals.  Often in development environment, a script window suspends when
I am not even touching the keyboard or mouse.  Or when I close a
non-modal stack, Rev suspends and I am taken to some other application.
I am working on something that I intend for XP users, so this is as you
say disconcerting to the max.  Have you come across anything since this
posting on 10/31?


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I seem to remember a thread somewhere regarding this subject, but can't
find it. Was it Trevor who was noticing that frequently in XP when a
window closes, the application is suspended and another window is
brought to the front? This happens religiously on a couple of my apps
and is disconcerting to say the least. How are other users out there
handling this?

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