sending arrays to objects

Mark Smith mark at
Sun Nov 19 08:21:00 EST 2006

I'm building yet another table object, and I want to pass data to it  
in the form of an array, like so:

send "importArray tArray" to group "tableObject"

The script of the "tableObject" group has:

on importArray tArray
   put tArray into sData -- sData is a script local variable
end importArray

This fails, though without an actual error - the sData variable  
remains empty.

I tried using a dummy setProp handler:

setProp tableData tArray
   put tArray into sData
end tableData

but this fails also (I didn't really expect it to work).

Of course, I could just set a customPropertySet of the tableObject,  
but I was intending to do some checking of the data before accepting  
it and placing it in the sData variable. Actually, I suppose I could  
set a customPropertySet and then send a separate message to the table  
object that would cause it to check the I  
guess I've answered my own question!

Still, has anyone come up against this before, and found a neat way  
to do it?



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