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Matt revcompgeek at
Sat Nov 18 09:43:54 EST 2006

On 11/17/06, Dar Scott <dsc at> wrote:
> On Nov 17, 2006, at 5:22 PM, Matt wrote:
> > I was recently creating a stack when I noticed that one of my
> > functions
> > wouldn't work right. After some further investigation, i realized
> > that the
> > function was not getting the second param that I was passing it.
> > So, just
> > for fun, I swapped the two params in the function and in the
> > script, and now
> > the other variable always turned up empty. If anyone could shed
> > light on
> > this problem i would appreciate it.
> Try this as the first line of the function to see if the problem is
> that the parameter is empty or the number of parameters is wrong:
>      put the paramCount
> I would guess a problem in spelling, either in the function or in its
> test.
> If the parameter is an array directly returned by another function,
> you have run across an old bug (3411).  You will have to split up the
> expression.  If the parameter is an array returned by the object
> version of value(), then the value is lost by value() (bug 699).  If
> the parameter is 'the result' after a send (not in time), then the
> array is lost then, too.
> Someone on the list recently had a problem with a function and later
> realized he had also defined it another place.
> Dar Scott
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Thank you for your suggestions. But I will tell you that it goes to the
right function because I put a breakpoint in the script editor and the
debugger opened up the right function. The parameters are not arrays, one of
them is the absolute path to a folder, and the other being a string of
filenames seperated by commas. I did get it to work, but i had to use the
value function. The way I was calling it before I used value was:

put functionname(tfolder,tfiles) into temp

And yes, tfolder and tfiles were set before calling it, those lines of
script didn't change when using the value function.

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