backupcopying in substackmodifyable standalone

Dave dave at
Fri Nov 17 23:58:41 EST 2006


Not quite sure what you are trying to do. You can't save Standalone  
back onto itself. You will either have to change the way you generate  
standalones so that there is one standalone "stub" which calls .rev  
files, or save/restore the prefs to/from a separate Pref's file or  
get the Operating System to do the copy for you. The latter really  
depend on the Operating Systems involved and how far you are willing  
to "bend" the law of good taste!

I'd be happy to send you a demo project that implements a standalone  
stub, however I have only tested on Mac and Windows.


On 17 Nov 2006, at 14:33, Kresten Bjerg wrote:

> We have come a long way in the development of a prototype laptop diary
> application, "Phenomenalog" (v.16.4.0)
> It works , adding new cards to substacks,over many months of daily use
> without bugs.
> As standalone-application it also works fine,on all 4 platforms,   
> except
> for one feature: creating of (3) backups/ to a user selected folder
> preference.
> There is not produced a copy of the actual standalone, but a file with
> .rev, which evidently is not a standalone.
> No wonder, as the effective line 6  goes: "revcopy......." Even just
> specifying .app as ending does not help.
> I guess solution should have to do with app.path ?
> Here is the relevant script-part:
>  put the effective filename of this stack into source
>     set itemdelimiter to "/"
>     put last item of source into sourcename
>     set itemdelimiter to ","
>     put the backuppath of this stack into destination
>     revcopyfile source, destination
>     put destination & "/" & sourcename into oldpath
>     put destination & "/" & "Diary" && phenodate &".rev" into newpath
>     rename file oldpath to newpath
>     put the backups of this stack into list
>     if the number of lines of list > 3 then
>         put line 1 of list into deletepath
>         delete line 1 of list
>     end if
>     put return & newpath after list
>     set the backups of this stack to list
>     delete file deletepath
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