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Here is the technology behind the
... Jim

on 11/17/06 7:27 AM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Bernard Devlin wrote:
>> Sivakatirswami, what is it you would like Rev to be able to do here?
>>  Acting like a pre-installed plugin, or being able to re-arrange the
>>  graphics within the window?  The latter is possible - I did a rough
>>  prototype for that kind of effect a few months ago.  Animation
>> engine should be able to smooth out the effect to make it much more
>> pleasing.
>> Bernard
> I'm not really  interested in the "whirly" movement of the mind map on
> demand, but rather how  this relates to the other thread and the
> "overview" of architectures and models for  content  delivery where the
> browser (since everyone loves it so much) serves as a launching pad for
> another application, but the user experience is a seamless one. That new
> window is *not*  HTML being rendered by and HTML rendering engine, as such.
> Looks like a completely Java based application to me (Like Scott said I
> also don't see any .swf in the cloud there.)
> But the user is not a) leaving his browser b) clicking on another
> document  to boot the "java app"... it just transparently opens as a new
> window: new rect in the video card... isn't the browser basically passing
> off, completely, the windowing, content rendering task to a completely
> independent app?
> So, this goes to the whole discussion (viz-a-viz Lynn's query about how
> Rev could integrate with browsers) of rev plug-in vs web page with links
> to down load stand alones, vs some kind of embed object filled with Rev
> CGI powered content, vs getting them to download a Super Revolution
> Player... I thought this site offered yet another model.
> I mean Javascript is
> a) a plug in which the browser API uses to render stuff inside the
> browser window, but here it is also
> b) a separate complete framework that the browser simply "launches" into
> another window which is now under  the control of Java.. not the browser
> perse... I tried to View Source, View DOM, etc on that window.. Firefox
> wasn't happy. It was completely independent.. so this got me thinking....
> a) if we can get users to download and install some player core... or a
> stand  alone..
> =resistance has dropped to virtual zero.. because it is coming from Run
> Rev Home site.
> b) we have a link  on our web page(s) that calls a stack,
> c) the  browser launches the stack using this  player core.
> d) users see it as a seamless integrated  experience.
> But! and this is the big one: the core of the player is not at all
> concerned with the browser API!
> i.e. does not have to live by the constraints and rules of having the
> content be rendered "inside" the browser window itself...
> it opens it's own, new window...and leaves Firefox (IE, Safari..
> whatever..) behind
> Isn't that not essentially what is happening here?
> http://www.visualthesaurus.com/
> It's so beautiful here on Kauai, hard not to dream :-) anything is possible.
> Sivakatirswami
> www.himalayanacademy.com
> (now coming to  you from our
> super fast box at ServePath in San Franscisco)
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