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Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Fri Nov 17 06:27:54 EST 2006

Bernard Devlin wrote:
> Sivakatirswami, what is it you would like Rev to be able to do here?
>  Acting like a pre-installed plugin, or being able to re-arrange the
>  graphics within the window?  The latter is possible - I did a rough
>  prototype for that kind of effect a few months ago.  Animation
> engine should be able to smooth out the effect to make it much more
> pleasing.
> Bernard

I'm not really  interested in the "whirly" movement of the mind map on
demand, but rather how  this relates to the other thread and the
"overview" of architectures and models for  content  delivery where the
browser (since everyone loves it so much) serves as a launching pad for
another application, but the user experience is a seamless one. That new
window is *not*  HTML being rendered by and HTML rendering engine, as such.

Looks like a completely Java based application to me (Like Scott said I
also don't see any .swf in the cloud there.)
But the user is not a) leaving his browser b) clicking on another
document  to boot the "java app"... it just transparently opens as a new
window: new rect in the video card... isn't the browser basically passing
off, completely, the windowing, content rendering task to a completely
independent app?

So, this goes to the whole discussion (viz-a-viz Lynn's query about how
Rev could integrate with browsers) of rev plug-in vs web page with links
to down load stand alones, vs some kind of embed object filled with Rev
CGI powered content, vs getting them to download a Super Revolution
Player... I thought this site offered yet another model.

I mean Javascript is
a) a plug in which the browser API uses to render stuff inside the
browser window, but here it is also
b) a separate complete framework that the browser simply "launches" into
another window which is now under  the control of Java.. not the browser
perse... I tried to View Source, View DOM, etc on that window.. Firefox
wasn't happy. It was completely independent.. so this got me thinking....

a) if we can get users to download and install some player core... or a
stand  alone..
=resistance has dropped to virtual zero.. because it is coming from Run
Rev Home site.
b) we have a link  on our web page(s) that calls a stack,
c) the  browser launches the stack using this  player core.
d) users see it as a seamless integrated  experience.

But! and this is the big one: the core of the player is not at all
concerned with the browser API!
i.e. does not have to live by the constraints and rules of having the
content be rendered "inside" the browser window itself...
it opens it's own, new window...and leaves Firefox (IE, Safari.. 
whatever..) behind

Isn't that not essentially what is happening here?


It's so beautiful here on Kauai, hard not to dream :-) anything is possible.

(now coming to  you from our
super fast box at ServePath in San Franscisco)

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