Me, me, me [bug ref 3420]

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Nov 16 20:44:08 EST 2006


Thursday, November 16, 2006, 4:39:40 PM, you wrote:

>> not voted for it when it was logged as a bug,

> How do you know that?

If you'd have looked at the bug report, you'd have seen that a) there
are no votes assigned to this bug, and b) Marcus noted in June that
it's related to the sharedText property. That said, I do think this is
an important enough bug (despite the fact that there are workarounds)
that is it should get a higher severity status than "minor". And that
if I had any votes left over I'd send some its way.

> No, I brought it up because I wanted to inform people that this
> problem existed and I wanted to see if anyone had had further  
> thoughts on it and also because since the topic of a bug-fix release
> came up and it seems that RunRev is committed to doing just that and
> I have been asking for that for ages.

We all have our pet bugs we want fixed. Richard's had #624 sitting
around for ages now. I applaud the team's intention to engage in
bug-fixing and the widespread beta, and think this will result in a
win for everybody. It doesn't hurt to bring items up here again - I
had certainly forgotten about the "me" problem discussion, and I'm
always amazed when something that basic doesn't get an immediate fix.

> I just wish you'd stop getting your knickers in such a twist, it does
> no one any good.

Point taken. Time to move on.

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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