Lets make a deal!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 20:16:48 EST 2006

Naw, I like it when people talk about what's good and not-so-good about the
product. If this list were nothing but bugs,  hints, tips and tech trivia,
it'd bore me to tears. It's not hard to filter out the stuff you don't want
to listen to. I like the friendly banter and even some of the occasional
confrontation that goes on around here, at least as long as it stays civil.

It's kind of like life. Avoiding discussing religion and politics makes for
safer conversations but also for more boring ones. I think the key isn't
subject matter, it's civil behavior.

But then that's me.

On 11/16/06, Dave <dave at looktowindward.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I think that there is a lot of silly, sometimes personal crap on this
> list on the odd occasion and I reckon it boils down to this:
> Someone relates some (usually fairly truthful) bad news about RunRev
> and then someone else tries to make it "all right" by relating all
> the good things about RunRev (that you invariably already know) or
> berates your apparent apathy in investigating problems or criticizes
> your programming style or makes some comment about how unlikely it is
> that "anyone else" would do such a "way-out" thing and then starts to
> goad and really get on your nerves and then you get a flame-war!!!!
> Cool!
> OR
> Someone relates some  (usually fairly truthful) good news about
> RunRev and then someone seek to weaken the effect by pointing out
> some defect.
> Well lets all just make a deal?????
> No one rain on the parade and no one stop the rain from falling!!!!!!!!
> How does that Sound???
> Cheers all!
> Dave
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