Me, me, me [Was: Re: Bug???? Discuss please!]

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Nov 16 00:46:51 EST 2006

Bernard Devlin wrote:
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> Have we stretched this thread to the breaking point yet? ;)
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> Hi Jacque,
> I think there is an oddity/bug here.  For example (unless I've really 
> misunderstood things), when a message is received by a handler in a 
> field on a card that is not the current card, "me" resolves to the 
> actual text of the message, not a reference to the field containing the 
> handler of the message.  Dave has highlighted what seems to me to be an 
> effect of this, in that one cannot "put tSomeValue into me" because me 
> does not refer to a control at this point (unless one uses "the long id 
> of me", which does resolve into a long reference to the field containing 
> the handler).

I haven't been following the thread from the beginning, I was too busy 
today to do more than scan what Dave reported. But if it's as you say, 
then yes, I agree with Mark it is probably a bug. "Me" is supposed to be 
an object reference.

Bugzilla anyone?

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