Me, me, me [Was: Re: Bug???? Discuss please!]

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Thu Nov 16 00:34:54 EST 2006

Have we stretched this thread to the breaking point yet? ;)

Hi Jacque,

I think there is an oddity/bug here.  For example (unless I've really  
misunderstood things), when a message is received by a handler in a  
field on a card that is not the current card, "me" resolves to the  
actual text of the message, not a reference to the field containing  
the handler of the message.  Dave has highlighted what seems to me to  
be an effect of this, in that one cannot "put tSomeValue into me"  
because me does not refer to a control at this point (unless one uses  
"the long id of me", which does resolve into a long reference to the  
field containing the handler).

Yet it seems that for Mark Shonewille "me" is actually empty whilst  
"the long id of me" is not empty (unless Mark is discussing the case  
where the message is sent to a handler on the same card as the script  
that originated the send - in that case "me" does seem to be empty,  
yet a value can be put into a field on that card).


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